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Hate has consistently been one of the top billed bands stemming from the powerful Polish Extreme Metal movement. But Hate's story from their very early days has never been a simple one. From the early days of Daemon Qui Fecit Terram and Lord Is Avenger, the journey has been to digest the world around and attempt to break bread with a reality wherein there are no restrictions. Where there is no ground to keep you grounded and no church to keep you unthinking and busy. The first two albums, joined by the third, Cain's Way, carried the band through the 90's, wherein they made a name for themselves both in the national underground and abroad.

Releasing their fourth record, Awakening The Liar, in league with the fabled French record label, Listenable Records, was an important milestone in more ways than one. It showed Hate's character as a band in the sense that it was a very different affair from all three records that came before it. Cleaner perhaps, but also sharper, more dexterous, the band adapted over time to their own developing sensibilities and marked a clean-cut distinction. Hate wasn't, isn't, and won't be, a band afraid to take their sound to a new place. To explore new ideas. (...)

Hate line-up:
ATF Sinner - vocals, guitars
Pavulon - drums
Tiermes - bass (session)
Domin - guitar (session)

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